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Integrated Facility

2020 Imaging gives you the ability to manage your Internet of Things over a single platform. From a simple surveillance software solution to an integrated facility solution, 2020 gives you common alert management of your facility operations.

You can use our powerful platform as a VMS for your CCTV system, but because of its inherent ability to aggregate and manage alerts from different sources, you will no longer have a simple VMS, but a VMS+, VMS plus integration, VMS plus alert handling, VMS plus incident management, VMS plus video analytics, VMS plus collaboration, VMS plus communication, the list goes on. This is why, we are not just a VMS, but a video-enabled data visualization and alert management software for situational awareness.

As a facility management personnel:

  • You will need to optimize your operations by integrating multiple silo systems on to one platform, we will go one step further and integrate video also into that integration
  • You will need to immediately know of any disruption, we will go one step further and give you visual alerts of disruptions, real-time
  • You will need to store, relate and track different assets in your facility, we will go one step further and give you visual intelligence of your critical assets
  • You will need to search for alerts, create trends, make reports and view dashboards, we will go one step further and give you context-sensitive alert search, even on video
  • You will need to stay updated even on the go, you will need command over your facility on your mobile, we will go one step further and give you the ability to even generate alerts from your mobile