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Cities need to be smart, else their operations are going to be inefficient, and many times, ineffective. Multiple agencies need to be brought together – be it critical supplies such as Electricity, Food, Water and Telecommunications or emergency resources such as Police, Traffic, Fire and Ambulance.

Disruption to city’s operations are becoming ill-affordable and globalization is taking them to a level that makes recovery costly. Unless there is a bi-directional government and citizens interaction model, a city cannot become safe and secure, being smart is still a distant dream. It is imperative that technology is leveraged upon to provide solutions to the resilience of cities.

2020 Imaging provides cutting-edge command and control solutions to cities for effective safety, security and governance.

  • Integration: Get an integrated view of city’s cameras and devices from a central command station
  • Intelligence: Get video intelligence for alert generation and subsequent incident management
  • Response: Collaborate and communicate with civil authorities and disaster management agencies
  • Resource Tracking: Track your resource vehicles through GPS for location, speed, coverage and status
  • Traffic Violations: Detect and manage violations with instant access to vehicle history and ownership
  • Citizen Involvement: Get citizen participation over mobile for immediate reporting and assistance