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Integrated Facility

Get common alert management of your security, facility and network systems by integrating cameras, fire system, access control, intrusion detection, lighting control, HVAC control, BMS, energy management and SNMP on to one platform.


Integrated Enterprise

By geospatially referencing the site, systems and devices, we are making you more situationally aware. You can analyze, represent and interpret real-world data for informed decisions. To us map is not a static phenomenon, to us, every device is a latitude-longitude


Integrated City

Build situational awareness of your people, systems and agencies by integrating them. Enable citizen safety through mobile integration. Track traffic violations. Track emergency resources such as Fire, Police, Traffic and Ambulance. Build a safe city with 2020.












Get Reduced Reaction Time, Act Proactively

2020 Imaging helps customers secure their business operations through a situational awareness software platform that enables:

  • Contextual visualization of data, ensuring effective and efficient operations
  • Critical decision making with quick response time, ensuring proactive actions
  • Minimized disruptions of place, process and people, ensuring business continuity

By rethinking the whole way in which information is collected, stored, displayed and then managed, 2020 is changing the way data is analyzed and visualized, video in particular. Continuously capturing, processing and fusing video and sensor systems, spatial and temporal data, and geospatial and other streaming data, 2020 Imaging is helping businesses become secure, intelligent and mobile.

From Cameras and Access Control to BMS and ERP – 2020Touch can integrate them all. From Maps and GPS to Emergency Resources and Social Media, 2020Touch can interface with them all. Mosaic display or Video wall, 2020Touch can enable display to them all. From SMS and Calls to E-mail and Wireless systems, 2020Touch can communicate with them all. From mobile command centre access for operators to mobile alert generation for users, 2020Touch can enable mobility to all.

Get a common operative picture from your security, facility and business management systems. Manage your systems by exception through cutting-edge video and data analytics. Hugely improve your response time to alerts and events through a user-friendly multi-touch interface that provides context-sensitive navigation.