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IT office spaces or SEZ Parks, Telecom or Data Centers, network security is as much important to you as your physical security. If you can integrate them on to one platform and manage them by exception, you will not only save precious time when acting on your alarms, but many times prevent the alarm itself because you now have a common operative picture. We will give you the integration that will minimize your disruptions and help maintain your uptime, we will give you a situational awareness that you have not experienced so far.

Unique Integration

  • State-of-the-art security system that is tightly integrated with video
  • Increased facility integration for single-window alert operations
  • Converged exception management of security, facility and network systems

 Unique Intelligence

  • Alert sourcing from various devices, sensors and systems
  • Video analytics for visual intelligence of security, facility and network operations
  • Master intelligence from integration of your facility and network intelligence tools

Unique Operations

  • Alert handling based on standards, protocols and operating procedures
  • Incident management with a strong collaboration and communication framework
  • Evidence repository for creating audit trails and enabling forensic investigations