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As an industrial unit, you are having to deal with multiple challenges of raw material, process systems, labour, demand requirements and logistics. On top of this you have silo systems such as your security, facility, production and delivery. How about being able to unite all of them on to one alert management platform? A platform that is tightly integrated with video. You may no longer need to rely on naked eyes and textual data for correlating your production floor and material flow. You may no longer need to worry about picking up disjoint alerts from multiple systems. 2020 will help you do just that.

Unique Integration

  • State-of-the-art security system that is tightly integrated with video
  • Increased facility integration for single-window alert operations
  • Converged exception management of security, facility and production systems

Unique Intelligence

  • Alert sourcing from various devices, sensors and systems
  • Video analytics for visual intelligence of security, facility and production operations
  • Master intelligence from integration of your facility and production intelligence tools

Unique Operations

  • Alert handling based on standard protocols and customized procedures
  • Incident management with a strong collaboration and communication framework
  • Evidence repository for creating audit trails and enabling forensic investigations