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Video Analytics is not just for Security, it is for your Business too

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Video Analytics is not just for Security, it is for your Business too

ImageA few decades back, we could not have imagined a car driving by itself. But today, it is becoming reality. You can probably commute to work in your car even as you have breakfast, play trivia or catch up on your favourite blogs. Technology is making this possible. Technology has taken a great leap to ease human intervention by providing artificial intelligence.

Video Analytics is one such concept that is emerging from concept to reality. Since its inception as a simple image processing tool in 1960 to being able to produce 3D images out of video, video analytics has grown at a very fast pace in the last five decades. Over the last few years, it has transformed itself into providing real-time intelligence to security, facility and business teams. Video has ceased being just a passive post-mortem tool for incident analysis. Video is starting to become predictive.

Take a shopping mall for example. The mall operator can use cameras to identify customer flow pattern to discriminately price the stores. The security team can blacklist people based on their previous records. The shop owners can use visual intelligence to get insights into sales conversion ratio, to profile customers through facial recognition, to identify traffic patterns to decide on product placement, to reduce waiting times by managing the queues real-time, to improve marketing effectiveness through promotion tracking, and to forecast trends – a technology-enabled way to achieve customer delight while keeping an eye on operational efficiency.

The world of video technology is evolving rapidly. It is not going to be far before we see robots moving around the streets processing videos, databases, directions and workflow. Video Analytics will slowly, but surely provide an intelligent view of things around us.