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Touch – A human sense that is transforming technology innovations

A decade ago, it wTouchas hard to believe that we would be answering phone calls on our mobiles with a touch. In fact usage of mobile phone itself was a privilege then and the phenomenon of touch was rather left to the imaginations of science fiction movie sequences.

Today, from kiosks to kitchen, from tablets to ticketing, from virtual display to virtual reality, from a 10 m giant touch screen to a 10 mm touch watch, touch has transformed technology innovations and user experiences. There cannot be a substitute to the most natural way of human response to visual stimulus, can there be? Thanks to touch, language barriers, software complexities, manuals – they all seem to be things of the past. From QWERTY keyboards to virtual keyboards, from mouse clicks to finger touches, from content management to content experience – touch has transformed our technology interactions.

Videos and images are immediately associated with the Security industry and it becomes easy to explain touch for a security application. For example, we already have biometric devices for access control. Using joysticks to control PTZ cameras are becoming archaic. Imagine being able to respond to a situation as fast as you would be able to respond to a phone call. Imagine being able to open, move and resize window panes through multi-touch gestures on your command centre. Imagine being able to click on a map and open a camera than navigate a tree-based folder hierarchy system. Imagine being able to drop a suspect video on to a security officer’s handheld like how you would do on your Windows PC. Imagine a traffic cop being able to deploy ambulance at an accident site through a simple touch, most likely even without being in the scene.

Even better days are fast approaching. A store manager will soon access his retail traffic pattern on his touch phone. A hotel manager will soon identify the entry of his premium customer with a simple touch on a computer screen. An operations head would soon keep track of his production unit’s O&M practices by simply dragging and dropping videos, images and parameters.

This is just the beginning. Touch is, and will continue to transform our lives and technology will make it happen. No wonder, the touch market is doubling every few years, and touch-based applications, even faster!