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Intelligence at your fingertips

2020 Touch Platform

Enhance operator performance with an interface that enables functions to be performed faster, with increased accuracy and with less effort and training. The 2020Touch Platform and modular software architecture allows for customization to meet the precise needs of each unique customer and installation.

2020Touch is an Integrated, Intelligent and Intuitive Operative Platform (I3OP) built on a complete touch interface. We have made content interaction more engaging and immersive, bringing real-time “if-then” modeling and visualization to enable superior decision making. Our video-enabled data visualization platform provides you:

Integration: The platform provides a common operative picture from your data sources, be it of security, facility or business. From Cameras and Sensors to BMS and ERP, the open standards architecture enables a comprehensive integration of your operations:

  • Security: Cameras, Sensors, Fire System, Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Visitor Management
  • Facility: Lighting &  HVAC Control, BMS, Energy & Network Management
  • Business: Operational Systems, ERP, POS, Employee & Customer Databases

Intelligence: The platform adopts a four-pronged approach to intelligence gathering – sourcing alerts from different data systems, generating alerts via in-house video analytics, interfacing with 3rd party systems for alerts from data analytics and generation of alerts from mobile device. This allows management by exception of your business operations.

Intuitiveness: The context-sensitive navigation of the platform enabled through container-based data exchanges and geospatial referencing of all connected entities, bundled together by a multi-touch interface makes the platform completely intuitive even to first time users.

Operations: The ability to handle alerts and manage incidents based on recognized protocols such as CAP (Common Alert Protocol), along with the collaboration and communication elements makes the platform operations-friendly and enables proactive actions to situations, with a clear business impact.