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You can work on multiple videos simultaneously, move them, resize them, sync them using timeline, pan, tilt and zoom them, all using touch gestures. All our alerts are rendered with visual information. Video will no longer be just for viewing.



By geospatially referencing the site, systems and devices, we are making you more situationally aware. You can analyze, represent and interpret real-world data for informed decisions. To us map is not a static phenomenon, to us, every device is a latitude-longitude


Alert Handling & Incident Management

We give you noise-eliminated information of generated alerts from your business operations so you can react quickly. You can then track cross-referenced records of incident progress with what, where, when, who, why, how and how much of the incident.

Video-enabled alert management for secure operations

2020TouchControl is an application manifestation of the 2020Touch platform for the C4i (Command, Control, Collaborate, Communicate with Intelligence, also 4Ci) space , but goes beyond a C4i system into being an Operational system for managing security, facility and business management alerts.

Get reduced reaction time to situations with our video-enabled alert management system. We will help you:

  • To minimize business disruptions
  • To effect business loss prevention
  • To secure business operations