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2020’s Video Analytics helps you to manage your business by exception by keeping a visual watch on your operations. By notifying only when some action needs to be taken, your resources are focused on decision-making rather than on detection. 2020Analytics has been tested under robust data sets in different environmental conditions ensuring you have a reliable exception generation mechanism through your cameras.

Video Analytics for Security: 2020Analytics enables your surveillance strategy to become proactive rather than reactive. By identifying and tracking the location and activities of people and vehicles inside and outside your premises, 2020Analytics ensures that your camera is no longer a static video recording device but is part of an intelligent image processing system.

Video Analytics for Business: Visual intelligence goes beyond security. As a retail store, you may need to identify your customer traffic pattern; as a hotel, you may have to identify and track your premium customers; as a manufacturing unit, you may wish to visually monitor your machines for maintenance; as a toll company, you will want to keep accurate counting and classification of vehicles. 2020 will help you develop such intelligence for your business through analysis of visual data.

Salient features of our video analytics include:

  • Algorithms tested in Western and Eastern conditions
  • Analytics built on customized library and standards (ONVIF)
  • Developed and tested against standard data sets (PETS and i-LIDS)
  • “As you see” configuration with lower setup times (30 – 60 seconds)