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2020 Imaging has created a new space for individuals and organizations to operate. Formed with a vision to create a ubiquitous technology platform for data visualization, 2020 Imaging removes physical barriers of interaction and takes user experience to a level that we are used to seeing only in fiction movies.

We have created:

  • A new way of visualizing data from multiple sources
  • A new way of correlating and analyzing the data
  • A new way of alert management for proactive actions

No more physical boundaries: Say goodbye to physical boundaries and get a user experience that is effective and efficient. Get operational flexibility to handle and make sense of pervasive devices on the field. We have created a system that will enable real-world interaction.

No more inflexible software: Say goodbye to inflexible software that cannot be customized. Get a solution that meets your dynamic requirements. Get a modular and a scalable architecture that can be expanded as-you-need.

No more manuals: Say goodbye to pages and pages of manuals. Get a self-serviceable technology that needs minimum training and minimum reading. We have created interfaces as intuitive as your smart phones have, so you are up and running from day one.

No more ad hoc responses to events: Say goodbye to reactive responses and post-mortem analysis. Be situationally aware of your business, be alerted when you need to be, collaborate and make informed decisions and act proactively.