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Security in the world of IoT : Digit Magazine

Security in the world of IoT : Digit Magazine

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Digit: Looking at the IoT landscape in its current form, it is quite evident that there is a lack of standardization in terms of security protocols. Every device manufacturer is coming up with own implementation. To offset costs, compromising on security seems to be an avenue since there is nobody to keep an eye out. Even the FCC only recently overhauled RF rules (link) after 17 years. How long do you think it will be before a proper framework is established?

Santosh: IT networks have been evolving over the last three decades and IoT networks will also go through an evolution cycle. The transition of IoT networks from closed network to enterprise network to public network has already started. However, the traditional networking standards will need to be adapted to the IoT requirements, especially when it comes to security. For example, device-based digital certifications from boot-up to handshakes to operations will greatly reduce the security threat in IoT networks. A seamless interface with enterprise firewall applications, for instance, will be a near-term essential. I think it will take another three to five years to setup IoT frameworks and security will be a major part in that.

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