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NewsBand Nov 2014 Edition

2020 Imaging – Intelligence at the flick of your fingertips, NewsBand (November Edition)

Diwali PicTucked inside a quiet lane in the upscale Mumbai suburb of Hiranandani, Powai, 2020 Imaging has steadily grown from being a young innovative company to a noted force in the domain of video surveillance. Established with a vision to be a trusted provider of a ubiquitous technology platform for data visualization, 2020 Imaging is leading the security innovation of this decade. Having invested over 50 man-years in R&D over the last three years, 2020 Imaging has developed a state-of-the-art software platform that enables enhanced user experience in data discovery and interaction, providing integrated time, space and location analytics for superior decision making with quick response times.

As we move around inside the company, we see employees enthusiastically working on a yet-to-be-launched command centre application that is expected to revolutionize the security landscape. With heightened curiosity, we decided to spend the rest of the day to know more about the company, its products, services and future plans.


2020Touch, the robust software platform from 2020 Imaging has been built on a complete touch interface, bringing in the simplicity of cell phones into its real-world feel architecture. From multi-touch gesture control to multi-video playback sync, from alert handling to incident management, from integration to collaboration, from video analytics to proactive actions – 2020TouchControl, the command centre application built on 2020Touch, has features that we are used to seeing only in fiction movies. While mapping enables geospatial reference to the user experience, the open architecture enables seamless integration of data sources, from cameras and sensors to process and ERP systems. Bundled together to provide a common operative picture and woven across through the principles of management by exception, 2020 Imaging is taking situational awareness to the next level.


“Make your business more secure, more intelligent and more mobile” is the mantra of 2020 Imaging.

As far as the physical infrastructure space is concerned, 2020 Imaging today has the ability to connect to any number of cameras and sensors. Soon, the platform will be able to integrate the complete security suite including fire system, access control, intrusion detection, etc. This is only the beginning. The platform will eventually be able to talk to and control the complete facility management suite including lighting management, HVAC management and BMS.

The real power of the platform is its ability to make sense out of video data. Given that more than half of all data that exists in this world is video, the video analytics capability from 2020 Imaging combined with its ability to trigger alerts and manage events makes the platform very attractive for big data analysis. By connecting and managing different data sources over its video-enabled platform, 2020 Imaging is giving a new dimension to the buzz around “Internet of Things”.


2020 Imaging can serve a vast spectrum of customer segments from Buildings and IT to Industries and Infrastructure.

Hospitality customers can use the platform to profile customers through visual inputs, a banking customer can use the application to analyse the queuing pattern, a retail store can use the solution to study the traffic pattern, and an industrial production unit can use its video analytics capabilities to visually monitor the O&M practices. The way the solution can be deployed for city management is limitless. Be it city surveillance, traffic management, emergency assistance or response management – 2020 Imaging can bring smartness to the city operations.


2020 Imaging had achieved an important milestone in 2013. Following serial bomb blasts around Mahabodhi Temple complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Bodh Gaya, Bihar in July 2013, the authorities of Global Vipaasana Pagoda approached the company for an iron-clad security cover to proactively discover and manage untoward incidents at its 16-acre facility in Gorai, Mumbai. 2020 Imaging’s technical team visited the shrine, studied the site in detail and came out with a non-obtrusive and comprehensive security solution. From installing cameras at strategic locations to configuring high-touch video analytics, the site is now automatically manned 24×7 and has been incident free over the last one year.

People profiling, pilferage reduction, critical asset protection, access control, disaster recovery, high situational awareness and voice based feedback – the site has benefited from 2020 Imaging’s cutting-edge surveillance solution. “Since the installation of 2020TouchControl at its premises, the Pagoda management has been able to significantly improve the safety of its visitors. We are currently being approached by many others shrines to provide similar security solution for their facilities,” says a modest Mr. Subbarao, Head, Business Development at 2020 Imaging.


2020 Imaging is enabling businesses to take proactive actions by changing the way data is analysed and visualized. In this era of consumerism, the value chain is incomplete without providing value to end consumers. 2020 Imaging is working with a leading handheld manufacturer and a security service provider in releasing a mobile app that will not only convert the handheld into a security device but will also work as an emergency response application. In the annals of the security history of India, this is an inflection point. The security market is about to be disrupted, one more time. This time, the epicentre of the disruption is going to be at 2020 Imaging India’s headquarters at Mumbai. Small is not just beautiful, but is powerful too!

NewsBand Nov 2014 Edition

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