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Mr. Naren Kumar, 2020 Imaging shared his views on the need of command and control for cities

Mr. Narendra Kumar, Head, Strategy & Marketing shared his views on “The need of Command & Control for cities” in a&s April 2015 edition

Narendra-KumarThe ever-changing social dynamics of the modern day world pose opportunities as well as challenges to the safety and security of its citizens.
Calamities, natural and artificial, are on the rise, and under-prepared cities are not only affecting the resurgence, but are also having ripple effect on future investments. The ever-growing Traffic needs to be managed efficiently, else in spite of its large investment, the transport infrastructure is not going to result into economic consequences originally forecasted. Disruptions, be it of electricity, water, telecommunications or food supplies, need to be managed in a cohesive manner among agencies, else the down times are going to be ill-affordable. Finally, Crimes, petty or large, are not just affecting the well-being of the citizens, but globalization is taking them to a level from where cities are not able to recover for a long time.[…]

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