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Get the best of data visualization with 2020 Imaging

Get the best of data visualization with 2020 Imaging


New Year Message_1With the coming up of Internet of Things (IoT) security in terms of data management and visualization has been a cause of concern. Addressing these issues in the best possible way Mr Santosh Pillai has come up with 2020 Imaging, a technology platform company that enables governments and businesses to take proactive actions by changing the way data is analyzed and visualized.

Santosh, an engineer in Electronics from Mumbai University and has been a part of the collaboration team of IISC, Bangalore that drafted the Homeland Security proposal for India. He has 20+ years of experience in developing and taking products to the market in the Electronic Security domain. He had worked with Zicom in various capacities then with Schneider Electric before starting 2020 Imaging.

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