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a&s India 2015 Edition

I3OP – Intuitive Intelligent Integrated Operative Platform from 2020 Imaging, a&s India (February Edition)

In the ever changing social dynamics of the modern day world, incidents sometimes become unavoidable, revenue losses sometimes become acceptable, and customer satisfaction sometimes remains unattainable. More often than not, these are due to either lack of data or incorrect analysis of available data, or even due to improper action on analysed data. Given more than half of data that exists in the world is video, visual intelligence perhaps holds the key to unconquered territories of our businesses. Yet the irony is that there are hardly any data visualization or business intelligence applications today, focused on video.

Connecting different data sources and managing different data systems over a single platform is the disruption that we need to see in the technology market. The data source could be text, audio or video. The data system can be security, facility or business. The deployment could be for City Management, Infrastructure, Industries, Buildings or IT.

Only an integrated platform can provide the visualization that will be needed to manage such a complex requirement. The complexity will also mean the platform will need to be intuitive enough for operations, and will need to be managed by exception. It should be able to generate alerts as desired, and once an alert is generated, it should be managed in a collaborative way, either through interactions among different resources or through information exchange between operators.

Alert generation cannot happen without intelligence. While digital intelligence has evolved over the years, it has been vastly restricted to textual intelligence. Visual intelligence has rather been reserved for forensic investigations, without realizing that intelligence from cameras can be used not just for post-incident investigations but also for preventive actions, both for security and for business functions.

This is why, 2020 Imaging has developed an Intuitive, Intelligent and Integrated Operative Platform (I3OP), 2020Touch that brings a common operative picture from data sources that are managed through exception, giving you the situational awareness that you dearly need for your operations.


Navigation Image2020Touch is breaking language barriers and bringing the simplicity of smartphones into command centre applications. From multi-touch gesture control to multi-video playback sync, from alert handling to incident management, from integration to collaboration, from mobile to social media, from video analytics to proactive actions – the platform has features that we are used to seeing only in fiction movies. By connecting cameras, sensors, fire system, access control, lighting, HVAC, BMS and even ERP into a single window, by interfacing with maps, GPS, mobile and social media through its cloud-based architecture, by creating context-sensitive data flow that makes alert management flawless, the platform is taking situational awareness to the next level.


“Make your business more secure, more intelligent and more mobile” is the mantra of 2020 Imaging. You cannot achieve this without having the right ways to manage your facility, business and consumer alerts. 2020 Imaging helps you with exactly that!

a&s India 2015 Edition

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