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Article on “Smart Cities” featured Mr.Santosh Pillai, CTO & Director

a&s April Edition featured Mr.Santosh Pillai, CTO & Director in an article on “Smart Cities”

santosh-pillai“According to Santosh Pillai, Director and CTO, 2020 Imaging, “A city surveillance project cannot be executed unless there is an intersect of political, economic and technology will. Today,devices are integrated together to provide a solution, but there still exists a gap between the desired operational function and a device-based solution. This gap needs to be bridged for us to see more success and traction from city surveillance ideas and projects. Surat is one of the pilot projects executed in India adopting a real time surveillance network, but even that has missed out on some of the latest technologies, such as video analytics. There are a few other cities that have tried to implement too, with Mumbai being the latest addition, however, there is a lot of apprehension and frustration surrounding any city surveillance project, and this leads to indefinite delays and subsequent incomplete deployment. For example, even the 100 smart cities project that has been announced has ensured a lot of talk around it, but we are yet to see the take off.”

“Companies will need to carve out their Government business as a separate vertical, for this is a different beast. You cannot have monthly targets given to that team. You need experts at the backend who can visualize the solution at a level that goes in line with our country’s scale and diversity. So, minimal resources working across multiple Government projects operating out of a separate vertical will be a good way to tackle the challenge of the long drawn tendering process, suggested Santosh Pillai.”

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