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2020 Imaging has perfected the technology of converging alerts – As covered by DataQuest.

From preventing stampedes to detecting terrorist attacks, Indian startup shows how video analytics can help


Are there any lessons for the whole country from the numerous stampedes that have occurred, and can technology helpSantosh Pillai CTO 2020 Imaging  in some way in preventing stampedes? One young innovative company quietly tucked in a small lane in Powai, believes it has the answer. The company, 2020 Imaging, has created what it calls ‘an effective alert management system’.  Santosh Pillai, Director & CTO, 2020 Imaging, explains how the system works,” A stampede is visible to our naked eyes through situations like over-crowding, breaching of boundaries, and abnormal movement of the crowd either in direction or speed. What is visible to the naked eye is very likely to be caught through video analytics too. Once identified, appropriate response measures can be unleashed.”

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