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Ziman powered by 2020 Imaging makes people safer

Security and Information at your fingertips

ZimanZicom and Samsung have yesterday launched Ziman, an Android app powered by 2020 Imaging, that allows people to connect and get instant help in an emergency situation.

2020Touch, the cutting-edge data visualization and collaboration platform from 2020 Imaging, enables live audio and video clips from mobile users to reach Zicom’s command centre. Rendered with geospatial information, the command centre will now be able to effectively respond to alerts.

“2020 Imaging is committed to bringing its customers improved situational awareness built on the principles of management by exception. 2020Touch allows Zicom to authenticate, collaborate and communicate when alerts are generated, enabling proactive actions to situation”, says Mr. Santosh Pillai, Director and CTO at 2020 Imaging.

“We chose 2020 Imaging because of its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple applications and its state-of-the-art touch-based system that enables fast and right responses to people in need”, notes Mr. Manas Padhye, Senior Manager – Product Development, Zicom.

Ziman powered by 2020 Imaging is sure to make people safe, always!