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2020 Imaging wins three landmark orders


2020 Imaging wins three landmark orders for its 2020TouchControl solution. Two premier real  estate players have entrusted upon us the visual intelligence of their multi-storey facilities in  Mumbai and Thane. While the Mumbai project will connect 165 cameras spread over a 2 lakh sqft  campus, the Thane project will connect 115 cameras over a 4 lakh sqft campus. The latter will also  interface with the Building Management System integrating HVAC. The third is an expansion of our existing installation at Global Vipaasana Pagoda.

While these two orders stand as vindication to our spirit of innovation, they subtly capture the market transition that is happening in the infrastructure technology space. Customers are wanting to have an integrated view of their facility systems. Customers are starting to appreciate what visual intelligence can mean to their operations. Customers are willing to go the extra mile to have a common alert management system that can integrate their security,                                                  facility and business management.