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Our story

2.7 zetabytes of data exist in the world today. Thanks to digital video, this is expected to reach 40 zetabytes by the year 2020. In fact 55% of all data is video. Data production in 2020 is expected to be 44 times greater than it was in 2009 and more than half of that data is again going to be video, perhaps more.

While digital intelligence has evolved over the years, visual intelligence has rather been reserved for forensic investigations, without realizing that real-time intelligence of data, be it text, audio or video has in it the seeds to transform business and its operations.

Poor data or analytics is estimated to cost businesses 20-35% of operating revenue. The Internet of Things or Big Data Analytics cannot keep video in isolation. Yet, most of the data applications today do not use video. This is why we wanted to give you real-time intelligence and management of all kinds of data, including video data.

Our call

Visualize. Act Proactively

Our identity

We are a technology platform company that enables businesses to take proactive actions by changing the way data is analyzed and visualized.

Our value proposition

Ensure business continuity through:

  • Minimized disruptions
  • Reduced losses
  • Secured operations
Our value differentiation

Reduced reaction time to situations

Our offering
  • A common operative picture for a unified view of your operations
  • Management by exception for anomaly-based alerting
  • Situational awareness for improved decision making
Our Vision

To be a trusted provider of a ubiquitous technology platform for data visualization.

Our Mission
  • To build and scale a simplified platform for heterogeneous data visualization and analytics
  • To provide innovative applications for collaboration that make data visualization intuitive, powerful, fast and effective
  • To create a global ecosystem of business and technology partners
  • Ethical business practices & best processes to enhance stakeholders value
Our Company Values – iPACE

While “i” captures the information and internet age and “PACE” captures the swiftness required to create value in the market, that is not just it, we live by each letter of our company value.

  • Integrity – Maintain integrity and highest standards of business ethics
  • Passion – Be passionate about your work, people and customers
  • Agility – Be agile and swiftly adapt to the market needs
  • Challenge – Challenge yourself and others to create stakeholder value
  • Excellence – Drive excellence and build an innovative brand identity